Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S7 edge

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Galaxy S7 Edge Skins:
Galaxy S7 Skins:

In a quest for regaining the popularity it once had, Samsung has spent the last two years trying to re-invent itself. 2015’s Galaxy S6 line-up made deciding over them a question of price and looks, and not necessarily a question of improvements. The challenge is far more complicated today with both Galaxy S7s, as these phones are just as similar as they are different.

Chances are that if you’ve already made up your mind to buy, as many would say: the new Galaxy, you’re probably asking yourself which variant is best. This video is especially for you.


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30 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S7 edge

  1. So glad i left AT&T, charged me over 1000$ for using data outa the country without any warning at first and that logo on the back yuck. (just still mad about the bill)

  2. I bought S5 for 165 but wish I waited as I see a S7 edge for 375 second hand, the extra 16GB internal storage and better battery are a plus, and even if something broke just buy parts and use heat gun / adhesive and you can replace battery and screen

  3. I take really good care of my phones and babied my S6 with all my being. I'm paralyzed in a wheelchair and I was trying to fit into a small restroom stall and my phone fell off my lap and into the toilet and died immediately 🙁
    So because I didn't have money to replace it, I had to downgrade to a used Galaxy S5 Active and it's getting really long in the tooth and is starting to give out on me already. If only the waterproofing was standard on the S6 like it is on the S7 :(

  4. I can either buy the s7 with MetroPCS or buy the s7 edge unlocked and then get a Sim card for metro (MetroPCS doest carry this phone.) i have the s5 and desperately need an upgrade but I'm not sure which to go with :-/

  5. In my opinion if you have enough money to buy a Samsung Galaxy flagship you can afford to spend the $100 extra. You get a bigger display, edge and edge features, and the bigger battery. Galaxy S7 Edge is clearly the better option here.

  6. I'm using 6 Edge plus since it is launched in EU, I want to share my expression of edge that its just a gimmick and a bit aesthetic value with almost zero usability. So only big battery can be factor to support Edge version nothing else.

  7. "Edge" thing is the biggest fraud ever in smartphone history,not useful,costs 100€ more, not if but when u brake it u will have to pay even more to replace the screen ecc. samsung fans becoming like iphone fans,brainwashed and stupid,that thing is made to break, only 2 good things at samsung phones are camera and display,thats it.

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