Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S6 Unboxing and Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S7 Unboxing Black Onyx vs S6 Black Sapphire Unboxing and Comparison!
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37 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S6 Unboxing and Comparison

  1. I'm I the only one who thinks that the black saphire on the S6 which is kind of blueish looks really good compared to regular black ? I'm not saying that the black onyx S7 is less attractive but Samsung did a bad move by geeting rid of that dark blue color .

  2. Thank you very much for a detailed comparison.. I was curious if the S7's front glass was more rounded compared to the S6 because I held the S6 a few days ago and it didn't feel very comfortable in my hand. Thank you thank you!

  3. S6 looks better to me. And the IR being removed is a big No No! Camera being lower res is also a downfall. Ill wait for S8 or S9 for now im going to enjoy the hell out of my S6!

  4. I realize a curved back helps with gripping and comfort but the straight back of the S6 looks so much better, specially with that blue hue to it compared to the dull all black look of the S7.

  5. I like the blacked out look of the galaxy s7 and can't wait got my galaxy s7 edge to arrive tomorrow. what a bargin it was. great video as always man.

  6. If you guys could do a review on the capture speed and low light picture test on the front/selfie camera between the 6S and the S7 Standard Edition it would be awesome. Thanks & Great video

  7. I am really very pissed off because samsung have taken the IR blaster out of the GS7. It was of so much help, I have reduced some clutter of my life. Why to pay more when you have to deal with some more problems so that you can shoot underwater?

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