Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Edge Review – One Month Later

Galaxy S7 Review vs Edge – One Month later review! Samsung’s Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge are top 2016 Android smartphones, here’s my S7 & Edge Review! How does Samsung’s Galaxy S7 stack up vs iPhone 6s or 7, LG G5? ▶dbrand skins – ▶Screen protector –


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Galaxy S7 vs Edge: Unboxing & Impressions!

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38 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Edge Review – One Month Later

  1. 5 and 5&1/2 hrs Screen On Time is not fine, its great. You always criticize when it comes to battery life, I think the best battery life phone for you is iPhone 6S -_- _. Being a reviewer though, you are using iPhone 6S as your primary phone, look at MKBHD, uses the phone currently reviews without bullshiting with iPhone.

  2. DOM Great Vid My new friend i love the honesty no bullshit at all this was a real video review and the pics and the extra 4K view was amazing thank you so much keep up the great work.

  3. A couple of things here. First, why doesn't anyone get the always on idea. This is with out a doubt the most misunderstood feature on any smartphone. What do you mean, "all it does… "? That's what it was supposed to do! Research showed that people turned on their phones more than 150 times a day, just to check the time, date or battery left. So by having those things on display while the phone is actually off, is useful, and saves battery. That's all it is supposed to do. I think it's a brilliant idea. But what I don't think is brilliant, are all the idiots left and right screaming for more functionality. More functionality when the screen is off??? Really? Morons…
    next, you can get up to 9 and even 10 hours of sot with the exynos variant, if you just put a dark theme on the edge. i have screen captures on xda. lastly, i like your reviews, but one critique, can you guys STOP using CRapple references on a android review? this is far from the small step of the CRapple "s" upgrades. you have bigger batteries and much better memory management, better more useful edge app, a bigger screen on the edge in a smaller phone, better design to be more comfortable in the hands, added back water proofing and added back the sd card where you can add 200gb's to your storage, and a much, much better processor and gpu. that is not the same thing as iphone's adding pressure sensitive app choosing, where it blurs the rest of the screen. wow! no, this is a much bigger update, and a much better device than last years s6 edge.

  4. Can you give me something for Computer ?
    I want to play but I have a computer but ex on Google Chrome I have 15 FPS
    Because you have so mant thing
    Contact me at : Supersupra83 [DEADSQUAD]
    Or cool video so cool phone !

  5. I think that there was no need for the glass protector as the phone already has Gorilla Glass 4 which is almost impossible to scratch normal daily routine conditions.

  6. fingerprints & smudges? who gives a shit when you're using a proper "phone case" & a tempered glass "screen protector". i would drop or toss my S6 Edge & everybody would gasp & lose their minds. no worries at all, my phone still works perfectly fine…with the S7 & S7 Edge i could throw that into the ocean or pool and it would be even more fine. i could even take some nude selfies in the shower for fun

    its a smartphone, be smart about it & "protect" your amazing smartphone…if you don't usually drop or be rough with your phone, just buy one of those clear see-through cases

  7. Dom, you kow what you should do?
    You should start doing something incredibly unique and different.
    I am not saying that your content is not, you create great ace aquality level videos which are too good but it is often buried in with the million other review videos. But i believe that a content creator of your potential should reach greater heights because you totally deserve that. Your videos are great and unique mainly because of those killer camera angles and so on but making working on something bigger and better which will stand you out from others is important.

  8. very strange review lot of talk with nothing said. the battery life is better than all the phones I had all last year including this. I don't have to charge during the day at all and still got enough left when I get home. so not sure what the comment was about battery is fine's stellar to say the least

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