Samsung Galaxy S7 Unboxing and Impressions!

Finally got my hands on the Galaxy S7! Here’s a look at what is inside the box and also some impressions I have! Lots more to come, so be sure to subscribe:
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Galaxy S7 Edge Impressions:

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27 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Unboxing and Impressions!

  1. don't get a samsung for software updates i have the s6 and still no mm and the s7 is out last time this year s5 received lollipop on december samsung gotten lazy i will only buy another samsung if it gets fast updates even after the successor is released

  2. Hey Tim I got the S7 also. My biggest issues is after holding it for some time the oils from your hand make the phone slippery. Thus prone to dropping. I already did 1 day after and chipped and cracked the screen from a fall from hip level which is saddening. So much for Gorilla glass 4. The rest of the phone is actually fantastic. I'm impressed with battery life, screen, camera and performance is really good.

  3. Hi Tim, may I ask an off topic question? I am an IT and co-owner of A Best PCs. I am looking to do some testing and reviews of primarily hardware and software but maybe some cell phones too? Is there a step that I need to do to be a tester for some of these manufacturers? Just wondering… Also, I heard T-Mobil had improved their network or didn't they? I have Verizon and also wondering on this…

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