Samsung Galaxy S7 Review | GEAR VR for the Masses !

The Galaxy S7, at first glance, appears to be a slight improvement over the Galaxy S6. However, many slight improvements together make this an amazing device. Missing from the S6, the S7 has Micro SD card support and water resistance, which just adds icing to the cake. Did I mention that everyone got a free Gear VR who preordered the device? VR is now in the hands of the masses!

Links I promised you in the video 🙂

Galaxy S7 Camera Samples:
Galaxy S7 90 Minute Waterproof test:

Bonus Videos related to the Galaxy S7 / Gear VR
GEAR VR Roller Coaster Ride:
Galaxy S7 Unboxing and First Impressions:
Galaxy S7 – Watch this before getting it wet:


► Camera I use:
► Lens I use:
► Tripod I use:
► Video Head I use:…

26 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Review | GEAR VR for the Masses !

  1. Can you do all four of you on the iCarez True glass screen protector kit luck Sharee series for the S7 edge I bought it on Amazon for $25 but I haven't used it yet because my phone isn't here yet but the boxing on this true glass is like nothing I've ever seen before it's amazing and beautiful

  2. hey jeremy how true is it that u cant use the micro sd card in this new phone as internal storage even with Marshmallow Android 6.0? is it only available in 32GB wich is actually like 20GB?

  3. I decided to rewatch this video in crispy 1080P since yesterday I came to early and saw it in 360P. Anyways, there is an app called Acdisplay, that's very similar to the Active Display that's built in to the S7. It can be customized, and you can also view your notifications. Here's a link for that.

    I have one suggestion for future videos. I don't know if you forgot to, but I would suggest to talk about the S7's battery. I'm curious on how it is, especially since the S7 has more mAh than the S6.
    Those things aside, I enjoyed rewatching the video.

  4. So do you reckon you'll be jumping ship from the V10. I'm just about to get my V10 but I see a lot of people online saying they are selling theirs for the S7 Edge (rather than the S7 here but its a different market segment). BTW if you are going to the S7 series and are into your audio get the Exynos variant as it uses a far superior DAC than the SD820 model. Cheers Jeremy.

  5. the Fail of the S7 to me with android 6.0 is that is doesn't have "adoptable storage" which is a feature of Android 6.0 that merges you SD card and internal storage into one big volume meaning you can install APPS ON YOU SD CARD FINALLY!!! I can't believe samsung DIDN'T implement this!!

  6. also this is my take of the S7, Samsung R&D ran out of ideas on a new phone design so they though let see what happens if you take the S6 design improve it slightly and combine it with S5 features as well. Resulting in
    S5+S6 = S7

  7. when it comes to Android phones I have learnt the hard way that Nexus phones are your only option for a android phone to be totally reliable and up to date, Samsung phone are great for the first 3 months then you notice how bad they are due to the laggy issue that develop over the months you have it, same goes for sony and HTC as well. Motorola not at all maybe because it pretty much stock android and gets regular updates, and I am not even going to mention the lag you get with LG skinned phones. But any way you get the point for android phone your best option is nexus or phones that have stock android phone them.

  8. Ugh, the mobile YouTube app is annoying. I liked the video, accidentally closed the app, reopened the video, and saw that the like icon wasn't pressed. I pressed it and unliked the video. -_- I had to relike it.
    That salt joke though. Haha but the GS7 truly has it all. Samsung nailed it this time. Just make sure that nail isn't near the flash because it'll scratch it. 😉
    I'm curious what HTC has up their sleeve though. Anyways, great video!

  9. Hopefully you all enjoy! I honestly think this video took the longest to make out of any of my previous videos. Tons of clips I shot, and edited together, not to mention I think its one of my longest reviews to date. I hope you don't mind the 10+ minute length! Let me know what you think, I'm always up to hearing about ways to improve as well. 🙂 Stay awesome.

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