Samsung Galaxy S7 Rear Camera Repair Guide (Teardown/Reassemble)

Description: This video shows you how to fix and install the damage rear facing camera for Samsung Galaxy S7. Why don’t you replace it by yourself according to this replacement tutorial? Get original rear camera replacements for Samsung Galaxy S7 at Get full and original Samsung Galaxy S7 replacements at

1.Hair dryer or heat gun;
2.Guitar picks –;
3.Suction cup –;
4.Tweezers –;
5.Phillips screwdriver –;
6.Spudger –

1.Remove back cover.
2.Remove protective module.
3.Remove motherboard.
4.Remove rear camera.
5.Install a new camera –;
6.Put motherboard back.
7.Put protective module back –;
8.Install back glass sticker –;
9.Put back the back glass –;

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