Samsung Galaxy S7 Hands On!

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 refines the design from the S6 but brings back some key features. Check out our hands on first look!

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24 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Hands On!

  1. Samsung s7 , has 4gb ddr4 , 2.1 gb of it used just to run the phone idle with no apps running, 3000mah battery which gives you mediocre battery life, no way will last a day , i had mine for 5 days then sold the pile of shit.

  2. I've been using the Galaxy S6 for almost a year now, and it doesn't look like there was a huge improvement. Battery life on the S6 is pretty sufficient, and there is no lag or performance issues. I think I'll wait for the s8 and see what it has in store. Maybe some new features that will make me jealous and upgrade.

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