Samsung Galaxy S7 FINAL leaked features review

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 is shaping up to be one of the biggest launches of 2016 and with the first rumors and leaks already out there, we can already paint a picture of what the Galaxy S7 will look like.

One thing is clear: the Galaxy S7 will be a very important phone for Samsung, taking the top spot in its lineup in early 2016. Some rumors go on to speculate that Samsung might launch not one, but two phones in early 2016: a flat-screen Galaxy S7 along with a larger, ‘edge’ version of the device.

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32 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 FINAL leaked features review

  1. Good video Didn't notice what the OTHER comments said because I was actually WATCHING THE VIDEO. The world is filled with nonsensical judgement freaks

  2. No one knows that samsung had serious subpixel color problems? And samsung and LG had pixel shifting and frame vibration seriously. And samsung and LG screen hurts people's eyes a lot, and their ages are short and gave short capacity of batteries. I saw online several years ago, the samsung and LG explosion kind of high, still in safe level, but higher than other companies.

  3. skipped the S6 upgrade because my favorite features were not available. Glad to see they brought back the good stuff. A removable battery would have been nice but I can live without it. Definitely going to check out both phones and prices. Time to hand down the S5 to the kids?

  4. where is IR blaster!!!!! in this modern world, almost all house equipped with tv, air-corn, music box, tvbox, IR smart lamp, fan and even refrigerator that can easily control by ur phone… I always use this feature with my samsung s6 edge and my life is going even better, fast and fun.., my remote sometimes is missing, carry alot of remote to switch something can be easily done with my phone, if I was in the bed, I can switch off the lamp with my phone when I finish doing stuff or.. switch on my aircorn.. not to mention, I am sometimes lower down the tv volume in a bar if I am feel too loud lol… or trolling in library with this remote.. you had no idea how fun this thing is… so.. I still will keep my s6 edge or look for another hi end devices with IR blaster!!

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