Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ZeroLemon 8500mAh Battery Case

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ZeroLemon 8500mAh Battery Case
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The world’s highest capacity Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Battery case @ 8500mAh. It offers up to 150% extra battery life.
• Piano Black Color Full Edge Wrap TPU Case-in-One Construction built to endure hard drops & heavy shocks. No more brittle Back Covers that offers no protection to your phone.
• 4 LED Lights to indicate battery levels and charge status. Integrated button allows you to choose when to charge for when you need it most. Know before you go.
• Pass through Quick Charge 2.0 Support(Phone Only). Special-designed external shared charging function allows charging other device simultaneously.
• 180 days Zero Lemon…

49 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ZeroLemon 8500mAh Battery Case

  1. Finally had to give up my v10, that battery was FUCKING HORRIBLE. I went through 3 batteries in one day so finally had to switch it up and get the htc 10. But this case looks pretty badass on the 7, does they make it for the 10?

  2. I have this for my note 5. this case is great if you want 8 to 10 on screen time, then this is the case for you. you can even use the output to charge a second phone too….

  3. Oh definitely without a doubt these extended batteries by zero lemon are savers of the galaxy for battery life. I have one on my iPhone 6s Plus it's 9000 ma and yes it makes your phone look like a brick but I to need it because my phone dies by 10:30am after taking it off of the charger at 5 AM. I get them for all my phones just like you floss and when the note 6 or 7 comes out I can't wait to get the 10,000 mA for that one also. Now I don't have the S7 because when the note 7 lineup comes out everything that's in the S model is also in the note series that's why I don't see why buying an S series phone

  4. Bought one of these for my Note 5, as soon as 2 months was up, it stopped charging. did nothing to it, it had stayed on my phone since I'd bought it. Be cautious of this brand.

  5. Hey Floss, you should do a "What´s on my Android Phone" video. Like which apps u use etc.
    And maybe also a "What´s on my trap phone"-video. I´m sure that´ll be an interesting one ^^

  6. agree 100% on the battery. I like the battery but I travel to manhattan 4 days out of the week and I need a hardcore phone. Lately I've been seeing my battery down at 75% 2 hours after taking them off the charger. At first I thought it was an app, so I removed the one I thought causing problems but then it happened again. And zerolemon is good (although huge) i had it back on my note 3 and it did me well.

  7. yes flossy !!!! I've just ordered mine in UK ,gotta wait fot ever for a 3rd party shipping company to get iy over …how does it compare with the note 4 version ,because that little fucker rocked

  8. Yo floss zero lemon is the truth I'm still using the case on the s5 and still running like a freight train, awesome battery and I have no problem with it especially when I watch amazon warrior at work on the overnight shift, hopefully zero lemon have it for the note 7 I'll be lost without it

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