Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Nexus 6P Comparison

Berj of Technibility compares the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the Google/Huawei Nexus 6P

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review –

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33 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Nexus 6P Comparison

  1. I have both devices, and I must say, I think the 6p takes better photos in some situations. Both are good, but I think the s7 camera is a tad over rated.

  2. I have both devices, and I must say, I think the 6p takes better photos in some situations. Both are good, but I think the s7 camera is a tad over rated.

  3. Subscribed, Very helpful video, alot of insight too, personally i'm all for the Galaxy s7, Although a friend of mine recommended the Nexus 6p. i used to have a Samsung galaxy s5. it broke about a week ago and i've been struggling because The nexus is basically 100% Android, meanwhile samsung is well. y'know. Anyway no need for life story. Thank you so much. video is excellent.

  4. Everyone talks about great battery life on the Edge but this review lasted 30 minutes and the phone was not even on for the full review and the edge drop 5% battery life without putting any strain on the phone. I imagine if you playing games watching videos or running some application the battery will drop even quicker. I am a heavy user i have all my frequency always on Bluetooth Gps data and 100% screen brightness wonder if the battery will even last 4 hours. I have the same issue with my Note 4 always have to be charging the phone.

  5. I think the Nexus 6p's photo's looked better inside. If HDR+ had been used outside it would of been great. The front face photo of the Samsung was nice though, outside looked good too. Both are great phone. I just sold my 6p to try the 6s+ first Apple Phone in 7 years I think. I am a bare bones android user. I have owned every Nexus device from Google. All the way back to the very first G1. When the newest Nexus comes out later this year. My iphone will be kicked to the curb and I will be home again. I love my Apple Watch though. LOL Oh yeah forgot to mention Nexus 6p has Rapid Charger. Might not last as long, but if you charge it for 15 minutes during lunch or a short break it will outlast the Samsung throughout the day with heavy use. 🙂 I do like the multitask windows of the Samsung, don't think I would use them all that much(Bloatware) Cool nevertheless. LOL.
    my 2cents

  6. Hahaha, bias out your fucking ass. "Nexus is stock, Samsung has bloatware, but Samsung is just more optimized." You actually think people can't tell you're full of shit when you're stuttering like a guilty 5th grader?

  7. Moments of bias towards the S7. It's very obvious during the camera comparison.

    Pretty much all the top tech reviewers agree the 6P has a better front facing camera (despite the S7 having a few extra modes), yet you've clearly convinced yourself the S7's is better.

    As for the rear cameras, again, you do the 6P a disservice with comments like "not saying it's bad, but it's not great". FYI Android Authority voted the 6P to be the best smartphone camera of 2015 by a country mile. Furthermore, it outperforms the S7 as a point and shoot in many situations. Even MKBHD has underlined this fact.

    In auto mode (which people use 95% of the time), the S7 often overexposes, oversharpened, and over/under saturates. These are well known faults. Its low light performance is often markedly behind the 6P as well. You didn't even have HDR+ on during this demonstration, so evidently you're not even using the 6P's camera to its maximum potential. Couldn't even be bothered to turn screen rotate on so the 6P's camera interface was the correct way up.

    Add all this up, and it points towards you having little interest in representing the 6P fairly, especially when talking about the camera. Not saying the S7 is bad, but you fail to point out a number well known flaws. You may have a lot of people agreeing with you due to confirmation bias, but that doesn't say much. Think I'll stick to the more objective reviewers.

  8. I love the looks of the edge but I have a feeling I would be accidentally touching the screen like he says in the video about having your hand wrapped around the phone and touching the screen, I have the s6 and love it but the speaker location on the bottom is horrid IMO, Im constantly muffling the speaker, I never had this problem on my LG G Flex 2 or G3 with the rear mounted speaker, just ordered the Nexus 6P, so far Ive been with LG, Samsung, HTC & OnePlus, I have a feeling the Nexus wil be my favorite of the fleet, mainly because of larger screen, stock google and the front speakers, Im not big on HTC but man do I miss those front speakers, nothing better than that sh*t, anyways, GREAT REVIEW! Loved it.

  9. Which phone do you prefer? I love stock Android, but dislike the 6P's camera. I love the S7's camera, but dislike its software… I don't know what to do haha.

    Would you recommend getting the Google now launcher along with the S7? Would it lag or lose its multitasking features in any way? Thank you for all your help!

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