Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Unboxing (Globe Telecom)

See what comes with the box when you order a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from Globe Telecom.

Here’s my unboxing of the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This is the variant from Globe Telecom which I’m surprised didn’t fill my phone with bloatware.

10 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Unboxing (Globe Telecom)

  1. i had an issue with globe so galit ako kaya naisipan ko na hindi mag renew it was suppost to be last may 6 and available daw dahil.galit ako isip ko mag prepaid nlng…last june 1 suddenly gusto ko na gusto ko na ulit so tumawag uli ako pero hindi na daw avail.ang unitag hihintay daw akoa sa hindi malamang kailan

  2. ugh I still want to have the s7 edge… I had to cancel my application for recontracting because globe originally said that the unit will be available 2 weeks after I made my recontracting.. but after a month of waiting…there were still no signs of phone to be received hahaha xD

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