Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge review: Best android phone?

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Galaxy S7 Edge review: The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a phone that impresses the second you pick it up, evoking feelings similar to those we experienced the first time we fondled HTC’s One M8, one of the best-looking phones on the market.

Where the ‘normal’ Galaxy S7 is far too similar to the previous year’s model, the S7 Edge takes a surprisingly successful smartphone in the S6 Edge and adds in some decent changes to make it worthy of the upgrade. Here’s our full review.

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  1. 3:58
    "…a ruler to show your friends how good you are at measuring.."
    Yeah go show your friends, enthusiastically whip out your ruler. If they don't look at you like you're crazy or stupid, you have good friends.

  2. what about cellular signal? i notice that smartphones gets really low signal here in Philippines. like in my area, basic phones have high signal while smartphone only get 1 or 2 signals.

  3. Oops…..before that people bash Samsung for having bigger screen,Spen etc and now IRblaster, even called them as gimmick. Now they are crying for IR blaster lol! Make up your mind,people. This phone is the almost perfect being phone for now with very little flaws. and new update has brought to turn off always-on screen 🙂 but I like it to use it as I do not need to turn on the screen like the reviewer said, you even save more power.
    P.S- I am using Note 4 as a TV remote control now lol.

  4. As someone who's just gone back to a 'dumbphone' (but, you know, I don't like to talk about it) it's weird I used to spend so much time hankering after something like this. It's all just so unnecessary.

  5. I'm a noob to this as I have a blackberry.. i'm considering buying this but is the internet and website usage the fastest? I need that for work and I want the best internet connection as many times I need to quickly do research and look up info instantly
    while working on film sets. Thanks!

  6. hello tech radar … have you tried the doze feature? as I think for that to work I'm guessing you need to turn always on OFF. I got the Samsung S7 yesterday but I not read anything relating to doze as yet. ? I'm coming from a moto g phone so can you imagine how fresh this phone is to me. qualityyyy ?

  7. great review spot on. had mine about a week and love it, had 4 iPhones then an xperia z3 and this is the best by a mile. if you're in any doubt, go play with one in a shop and you'll order even over the excellent iPhone 6. my mate has the 6s plus and it's actually similarly sized but this s7 feels a lot smaller in the hand plus brighter, more colourful and much more customisable!

  8. shame on you! I't would be ridiculous if they payed you for this promotion… better camera? better battery? why should people buy new phones for only that reason,?Galaxy S5 is already water proof, has great camera and battery is replaceable if needed after a year or two. Galaxy S5 has 4G, QI charging is optional for an addition of 3$ for example on Aliexpress. What could be so thrilling to throw away peoples phones and buy this one?? appearance and software is not worth 800$

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