Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review!

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Thanks to AT&T for sending me this review unit!

Here’s my review for easily the frontrunner for Best Phone of 2016 so far, the Samsung Galaxy S7. This phone combines the best features of the S5 and S6 and has the best all-around smartphone camera on the market. Check it out be sure to like and share if you want!

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35 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review!

  1. You'd go to the iPhone for low light shots? Well I guess you haven't used the Nexus 6P because it's the best low light shooter out there right now. That said I haven't tried the new HTC 10 which is probably the new winner in low light since it uses the same sensor as the Nexus 6P but with OIS. The iPhone though isn't even in the top 3 of low light shooters

  2. SoldierKnowsBest used to be so awesome to me but, too much of an Apple fanboy it was pathetic. This is what happens when you're a fanboy, the people go to real reviewers who are fans of technology and not a brand.

  3. how is the 6splus better at night? did you actually look at the pictures the s7 takes at night? sure its abit grainy through the view finder but once you actually take a photo its cleans it right up

  4. I hate tech reviews but for some reason I actually like yours. well done.

    you review things I didn't even know existed like that Sony 3d viewer and that unsc portable gaming station. so dope.

  5. Damn soldier is evidently not giving a fuck about this channel anymore. Just putting on weight and showing stupid shit. Why not upgrade your style while you still have subscribers. Give a little fuck man, please. I don't wanna unsubscribe yet. Good luck.

  6. the samsung s7 edge has better low light shots compare to the iphone 6s plus, i have both phones low light pics are less grainy on the s7 and overall pics are very similar to each other i still think the s7 has a better overall camera and better focus.

  7. Mark I know people are disappointed that you don't upload as much, but when you do its very good. Your style is very unique. can't wait till your next video!

  8. I love how the screen doesn't have a bezel on the side. Apple better step their game up, this is coming from someone who has only used iPhones since the iPhone 4

  9. I have a Galaxy S7 Edge. When I record I notice a weird issue during playback. The screen wobbles on the edges, almost like a psychedelic effect. It only happens for around 2-3 seconds then the video stabilizes and the video continues to play normally.

    Any comments?

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