Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Hands On!

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is finally here! Check out our first look!

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29 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Hands On!

  1. i find that samsung phone has moving frame that cant be seen by our eyes, only video cameras can capture them. if u look closely at the phone screen, 1:03 , 1:13 , 3:11 u can see the screen frame moving like a wave. what is this call ? i checked other phone , they dont have this.

  2. This is probably the only Samsung phone I came to actually like because of its design and specs. But it still operates Android which is a mess, and in my opinion Samsung displays are still too oversaturated for my taste (especially greens).

  3. Right from First day I facing issue of apps getting crashed most annoying is getting "Unfortunately, has stopped" reported to samsung solution provided is Factory Reset. I have told them it is reproducible when we go Gallery each time, I expected if I tell the root cause they may fix it with some patch in future. I think this is smart stay feature issue I hope Samsung will take up this issue and work for Fixing it

  4. Shitty phone, I've always had Samsung phones and with this one they blew it!! I regret buying it, have the below problems:
    – Slow Wi-Fi
    – Slow Mobile data internet
    – Over sensitive display
    – Camera was failing all the time
    – SD CARD GOT CORRUPTED , this one is a big one for me, F@king lost 2000 photos in it !!!WTF SAMSUNG?
    – Sometimes the SD card unmounts by itself and have to physically remove it and place it back inside in order to get it to work.
    I wish Samsung would take their product back!

  5. My phone be like
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    My phone be like (yeah)

  6. hands touch the edges by mistake, the buttons of keyboard near the edge sometimes are hard to press and the glass on the phone isnt scratch proof. other than that this phone is a beast and i definitely recomend it.

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