Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Hands on review

While all eyes are on the Samsung Galaxy S7 arriving at MWC 2016, here is the beautiful Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – a phone which adds a curved screen into the mix, just like the Galaxy S6 Edge did last year. Here is our hands on review from MWC 2016.

But curves aren’t the only differences between Samsung’s two flagships.

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  1. This video makes the Gold look so much better than in other videos, i wonder why. Because you had less intense light around the scene i guess?

  2. Idiots
    The always on display burns only 1% of battery 'per day' not 'per hour'. So it will not burn 1/4 of the battery per day you fucking idiots. AOD will help you save battery life over the course of the day by not having to check your phone all the time. Please edit this in the video.

  3. Dam does the GS7 look awesome. Nice to see a thicker phone returning which means better battery. I hope other phones that come to market this year will come with larger battery and forget about who's going to bend this year. Samsung is really hitting out of the park this year responding to feed back with larger battery and return of the SD expansion and water resistant. I think that Samsung has the best displays and the curved edges are awesome.

  4. I'm super happy cuz they brought back the micro sd card and the water resistant then I guess I'll just wait for the s7 edge plus cuz it'll be 5.7 inch display rather than 5.5 inch display, it will just be awesome with that big screen.

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