Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Exynos) vs Samsung Note 5 – Speed Test Comparison Review (Curiosity Test)

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36 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Exynos) vs Samsung Note 5 – Speed Test Comparison Review (Curiosity Test)

  1. Have been planning to update to S7 Edge from my Note 5. The edge edges the Note 5 in most aspects but only one concern makes me hesitant and that is the OIS of both phones. The Note 5 easily beats the edge in terms of video shakiness (sample videos have proven this).

    This is from a father who takes photos and videos a lot. 🙂

    Thank you for your videos L. Just made my decision today. :D

  2. the note 5 is almost as good and seemed better and faster in some of these tests loading stuff. I've seen ones that show them pretty much as good as each other now note 5 has 6.0.1 too. dunno if that was an exy 7 or a qc sd version but note matched it in most and even won a few tests. not that I'm gonna get too excited over the milliseconds I gain or lose here or there anyways. overkill in a way. their both great.

  3. i was going to choose the edge or the note. i thought the edge would be better since it came earlier and i dont need the pen so much. what do u think? was i right?

  4. which one would you own if you where going to create a YouTube channel and travel schedule. basically looking for a best all around for uber and recording drums and dancing interviews and events. i want it to be my do everything business phone, thank you!

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