Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Before You Buy (Gaming)

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge is a flagship Android phone with a ton of hype. Let’s talk about the gaming aspects.
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33 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Before You Buy (Gaming)

  1. ok I have an s7 edge…. like you said the phone is really responsive and fast with all apps. However, I downloaded the NFS no limits and it looks awesome. When you first open the game it runs smoothly, after 3 or 4 races the game starts to go kinda really slow… maybe I have to reduce some of the effects that the UI is using… this is the only problem I've had so far
    if you have any advises for me I'd really appreciate it

  2. Is this phone geting hot while gaming or charging or using the VR? mine does s7 edge sm-G935F with samsung's chip. Anyway im prety happy with this phone…

  3. only issue i had with this cell is the late of real screen n case combo…. i found that Zagg's HD screen + unicorn bettle case works SOOOO welll… i play ton of games on it and no slowing down n all. the SD slot thing is EPIC

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