Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and S7 “Real Review”

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and S7 “Real Review”
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27 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and S7 “Real Review”

  1. Always with the realest reviews! Your review of the Note 4 was the reason I bought, and still own that phone. I loved it the past year and a half! Right now, I'm needing to switch to a different carrier, and my choices of phone are the non-edge S7, and the Note 5. If you had to choose between the two upgrading from the beloved Note 4, which would you choose and why? Thanks for bringing the solid reviews.

  2. Big Up from the UK I love watching your reviews. As a result of your review I bought the Galaxy Gear S watch which I use every day. Keep the excellent reviews coming your honest no nonsense review are the best.

  3. I've really been torn up deciding whether to sell my 6s and get this bad boy, but did anyone notice the S7 Edge's battery go from 65% to 53% in 34 minutes? That's why I'm reluctant. I'm thinking my 6s (1715 mah battery vs 3600 mah) could match that usage in this video. Why can't we have an S7 Edge that runs iOS and Android! Ah!

  4. Yeah the s6 is too weak mines broke with a case on it the screen didn't break but the LCD under the screen broke smh and I didn't have insurance so now I'm rocking the Alcatel idol 3 there's no fuckin way I'm paying $649.00 for another phone… Again… I'm just like shit I'll get the idol 3 kuz if it break I can replace it like it ain't shit… With the Alcatel I feel like a rapper I don't rock cases on it or nothin if it break it break I can buy another one on a bad day bruh?

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