Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge first look

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are the latest models in Samsung’s flagship line. They have refined designs, fast processors, even faster cameras, and are packed with high-end specs. Check out our first look at them.

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27 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge first look

  1. I have always loved to buy the Samsung Galaxy S phones and one of the main attractions was not just the removable battery, but also the option of additional storage via SD card slot. I don't know why the reviewers always seem to make a fuss about the "plastic feel" of the phone, it never bothered me in fact I prefer it, because it made the phone stand out in a positive way in my mind, because you could remove and load up a fresh battery to get you through the day. Why some people think that
    the Galaxy phone is trying to look like the iPhone is a bit of mystery to me, but if that is what Samsung was aiming for I would certainly be disappointed, because as far as I'm concerned the iPhone has more hype and the Samsung more value for money, but both devices are equal in terms of performance and usability, it's just a matter of choice. So in short, I would have already purchased an S6 or S6 Edge buy now but I'm holding off, because of my concerns about battery life and the lack of external storage. I'm seriously thinking of going for one of the Chinese phones (e.g. Meizu), that may not have the desired options of battery and storage, but are a lot cheaper with excellent performance!

  2. sorry but can someone explain why the same phone has (iirc) different specs and sometimes even a different design in the us as compared to elsewhere in the world?

  3. Have my S7 edge for a week now! (Yes, Lithuania got it first*, **Lithuania is a part of Europe).. So… Main advantage is BATERY LIFE. amazing, nothing compares to it. About ram management and multitasking. Honestly, yes, it still has those micro laggys sometimes but it's nothing like in previous versions of S series models. In the other words, SwiftKey sometimes takes half a second to open keyboard and lags a but but not that usually. CAMERA IS A BEAST IN ALL LIGHTNING CONDITIONS. Screen to body ratio is completely step forward comparing to 6edge+, it's much more comfy and screen size is similar. I could continue… But I should shut my mouth now. I love this phone. Touchwiz is better than ever too. Congratulations, Samsung!

  4. Won't be buying another samsung phone or upgrading my s5 until they bring back the replaceable battery as well as the expandable SD card. then turn off that lockout so 3rd party apps can write to it. I'll be looking in to other android phones unless samsung gets their shit together by the time I'm looking for something new.

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