Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: CNET Editors react

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CNET’s Jessica Dolcourt and Shara Tibken tell you want they think of Samsung’s new flagship, and whether it can change the company’s fortunes.

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20 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: CNET Editors react

  1. I love how cnet pretends they are a tv channel with the microphone and format.
    This is ridiculous. A 2 minute video of two people talking without even holding the phones in question, and a "waterproof" demonstration by letting a millimeter of the top of a small fountain touch the lower edge of the phone.

    Or i could just skip these useless 2 minutes and watch any of the 20 min proper 4k tests of the phones right here on youtube, also for free.
    Cnet, whats the point of your videos? You are outdone by amateur unboxers / testers with 400 views on their vids.

  2. Thank you Samsung for the return of the SD card are water resistant feature. Wanted a bigger battery and got that upgrade as well. Samsung really cares about their customers. IPhone is light years behind apple. Do you know why, They have no more ideas and keep doing the same thing over and over again. Go to any store and test the galaxy next to an iPhone, you will Cleary see that the galaxy is the phone to get

  3. What do you expect out from it? Basically the Galaxy S7 is a improved version of the Galaxy S6, just like the iPhone 6S is a improved version of the iPhone 6.

  4. I just watched the video again and it's really cheesy. Luke Westaway please redo the video because it's really cheesy to be using CNET personal. Like I said in last post we are not getting a true answer here by you using CNET people. Take data of the GS7 & GS7 Edge with you for a walk to the local market and ask some local people what they think. I hope when the new iPhone comes out that you will ask non techy people questions instead of CNET personel.

  5. Hey It would be a good idea to ask people who are not tech reviewers these questions to get a real answer. By using CNET personal is rather cheesy thing to do because the public are not getting a true answer.

  6. always complaining, they brought back the sd card and now it's ip68 certified, the things people complained about last year. also a better camera and much more, AND STILL COMPLAINING? stfu, there is enough changed from the s6 to s7, because the s6 already was almost perfect. now it IS perfect, except for the removable battery. i don't get why people are still compaining. take apple. THEIR design is the same for 2 generations now. and people still say it gets more beautifulevery year.. every year IT"S THE SAME

  7. so to kind of sum up: better sales must have a revolutionary change but an evolutionary change has less sales. Does not make any sense. refinement is better for the s7 than trying to add more useless software crap.

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