Samsung Galaxy S7 Active vs Galaxy S7

Comparing Galaxy variants was pretty easy a few years ago. Each had its own little set of compromises that made the choice a a no brainer. 2016 is a very different animal, and with three great Galaxy flagships, the stakes are rather high.

If we were comparing vehicles, the Galaxy S7 would be the sedan, the S7 Edge would offer a higher trim, and well.. the Galaxy S7 Active is the Truck. In the past if you went Active, you’d have to put up with a certain degree of compromise over the flagship sibling, but in 2016, there’s no compromise in buying into this truck. Some claim that the Galaxy S7 Active is really just an S7 with a rugged case, but that would be overlooking a ton of benefits of going active.

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39 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Active vs Galaxy S7

  1. You retard you do not need to be in AT&T just buy it without plan, unlock it, and use it in any other fucking country or in any other fucking carrier, why do this idiots always say that it is impossible to do that? I had talked to around 10 persons of AT&T and spent hours on research and they all told me it was possible just unlock it and it will work permanently for ever unlock it for free and use it anywhere on any carrier mother fucker!!

  2. i wish note 7 would come out with a camera shutter button on the side . I mean the camera app already opens so fast why not add an extra button to make us take the photo even faster

  3. 4:08 You say the app drawer doesn't follow the alphabetical order. You have mentioned this in a previous video too. but it does follow the alphabetical order. you just have to press the button that says A-Z on the app tray. if you install a new app however that new one will appear at the end. again if u press A-Z it'll rearrange. I like this way because of the flexibility. you can arrange it anyway you want.

  4. So far, I don't think there has been any information on the price. I am assuming it will be the same price of the Edge, so basically $100 more than the S7.

    About specifications…
    I don't care much about the thickness. But what the the height and width between the S7 and S7 active?

  5. This is an easy choice with the Activ being miles better for durability. The S7 was always a no no for me due to the glass construction as it wouldn't last me long before it was rendered useless with a drop. Shame that the Activ has no International version as it would be my next phone, as although not perfect it is a very solid phone. It is hard to understand Samsung at times, this will sell well yet they make it a US carrier special. Samsung never ceases to amaze with their bad decisions.

  6. As a galaxy s6 active user, I have to say everything is good except 1 thing, active is the very last lane of phones get software update. my S6 active still in 5.1.1, and most likely won't change for another 2 month

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