Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Review: This Isn’t Just a Protective Case

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Four generations ago, Samsung’s Active lineup was more of a device for clumsy people. A Galaxy S looking phone that could resist a little more, so long as you read the instructions well. The last two generations have instead been about telling the world that rugged doesn’t have to be ugly, and this year model continues to push that mentality forward.

Smartphone usage patterns are definitely a contradiction these days. Designers go to incredible lengths to make a beautiful phone, and then most people will just snap it on a case to keep it that way. Look and feel went down the drain, and all at the expense of a case that mostly doesn’t do more than protect the phone.

The Galaxy S7 Active follows a totally new mentality. It even falls under the category of a rugged phone, and after testing it for ten days, we actually don’t agree.

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37 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Review: This Isn’t Just a Protective Case

  1. really odd the active version is 100$ more vs the s7 I mean you loose build/ design construction but gain 35% larger battery. damn battery's must be really expensive lol. s7 to me seems far better

  2. It's a shame this is an AT&T exclusive as I would prefer this over the other variants on Verizon and in need of a phone such as this and would still place a ZAGG glass protector on it to make it able to put up with my daily use.

  3. what's up man I didn't need to go get one I cracked the screen but how you doing today I love the active what the best phone ever you could drop me in the water and you have to worry about it go to the morning

  4. I'm just waiting for feminist to see this and come to the conclusion that phones being thin and light are oppressing women by setting unrealistic beauty standards. I don't think they're above that at all.

  5. Another pointless phone from Samsug as far as us in Europe are concerned. Really starting to go off Sammy having had an S3, 4, Note 1, 2, 3, and having to but a Note 5 from the States (no sodding updates) . Now they bring out a stunning phone and only release it in the States again??? WHY! I email Samsung UK and get a standard reply of "We'll let you know as soon as we do" . Seriously, who is in charge of their marketing department?

  6. Another paid review. How can you possibly recommend a phone whose fingerprint reader is already scratched after just 1 week or less of usage and has a plastic layer Level 3 on Mohs scale of hardness on top of the screen? To you enemies yes, but never to your friends.

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