Samsung Galaxy S7: 72 Hours Later

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has been successful thus far in its launch. Here’s my first 72 hours with the Galaxy S7!
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37 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7: 72 Hours Later

  1. you have not killed this phone in a day…not even once!?! you are either not serious or a light user. Yes it has a bigger battery but not that big. I get 4-4.5h SOT which is good but not like "I'm not worried about battery anymore"

  2. i think you've tested the image stabilization on FHD mode where there there image stabilization is not actually available. In other video's i've seen even running wasn't this shaky

  3. A nexus 6p would be my choice if I were to switch to android for my personal device. Have an s5 for work and I had to disable all the animations and other jazz for it to not be too unreliable.

  4. What good does 4K video do if it's all wonky…? Nice phone, fantastic improvements..but having such a bad OIS I can't suggest it for people who use their smart phone as their main video/photo shooter.

  5. you forgot to mention the micro USB is still there. it's not a big deal since the Gear VR will be powered by micro USB plus I don't think I actually a have USB-C charger for my car as well as bringing it around during school. It's still fairly expensive but not much. Though it's a nice feature they should have and give a USB-C to micro-USB adapter.

  6. the battery life is good BECAUSE OF ANDROID 6.0 marshmallow features made by google!! samsung has nothing to do with the power management being a lot better any phone with Android 6.0 will have awesome battery life even the nexus 5x with its smaller battery has excellent battery life.

  7. I'll make it easy for people, if you want a phone that performs well for about 3 months before it because as laggy as a galaxy S2 then the S7 is for you, like all samsung phones they are only good for about 3 months before they have all types of issue with software and lag. you want a phone that lasts and has up to date android updates and not bloat you only option is the Android stock phones like he Nexus range, or even close to stock phones are good as well like your oneplus and Motorola phones.

    The only thing I can say if you intend to root this phone with a stock android rom or at leasts remove all bloat from the phone then the S7 hardware wise will last you a long time, if you don't then this is a terrible phone like all samsung phones because of the rubbish software and bloat, end of the day if you want a decent android phone your only option really to get the best of both worlds quality and great software and updates is the Nexus 6P that is right now, and that still stands today.

  8. water resistant* always on display* I hate watching videos you make, phone dog should find someone who can speak English well and actually call things what they are.

  9. I really think you should clarify the the S7 isn't waterproof. If you drop it in the toilet or sink it will be fine but even then Samsung carries no warranty for water damage.

    If you jump in the pool and swim with it it might die.

    The ip67 rating means it's protected for 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. Thats 40 inches of standing room temperature water. To be consider water proof and safe to swim with you need a +50m water rating. Swimming/moving through water creates more pressure than the 1 meter it was certified at.

    This isn't a phone you should intentionally jump in the pool with. It's one that will survive a drop in the toilet.

  10. just dont know why the carriers keep installing bloatwares in phones? mostly nobody uses them, and it costs money to do so. Why don't they just put them on the playstore? Anyone who wants to use will download later, with ease!

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  12. Please don't say waterproof as it is not. It has no warranty cover for water damage so good luck using this in water. Basically the marketing machine of Samsung pushes this as a feature for its fan base but in reality this is just for protection if you drop it in the bath or toilet. The latest iPhone has similar protection though not as robust but they obviously don't market it as they have seen the returns Sony got when users started swimming with their phone!!! All in all a great phone but nothing new, basically what the S6 should have been which means that the iPhone is still ahead of the curve with force touch and Live Photos. Mixed camera reviews, most now seem to suggest that this is not as good as the S6. Battery life is improved which is great but we need to see over time if this is maintained. RAM management was a software tweet so the s6 has also improved but again this is a year late and should have come with the launch of the S6. The edge is a gimmick…

  13. Hi. Thanks for this video. In your full review please cover:
    1. Screen on Time – Please show stats on how much batter power was used when you did different activities, like web surfing, watching videos, taking photos, making calls (with a breakdown of how much time you spent on different activities).
    2. Memory – please cover how the 32GB of storage is going with a SD card in it. Please try loading apps onto the SD card and seeing if this affects the performance of the phone. What SD cards are the best to use?
    3. Camera – please cover how to get the best out of the camera in different situations when taking photos and videos.
    4. How can you set it up well? e.g. what themes are available that make it better, what apps or can be disabled, how can you set it up to back up your data etc.
    Thanks :-)

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  15. honestly I hate the S7. I hate it because it's what the S6 should've been from the beginning. I have an S6 Edge and I really didn't want it when I bought it, but my HTC One got water damaged so I upgraded. I honestly wasn't fond of the S6. now that the S7 is out I'm upset why the S6 didn't get the S7 specs like it should have gotten when it came out.

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