Samsung Galaxy S7 – 5 Things you NEED to know BEFORE buying!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – 5 Things to know BEFORE buying!

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39 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 – 5 Things you NEED to know BEFORE buying!

  1. I just hope the Note 6/7 won't fuck up GPU perf in EU. Why does U.S. keep getting faster Galaxy Ses?

    Also do people a actually care about if an app launches in 0.1 seconds or in 0.13 seconds?

  2. I dont like the golden colour variant – feels more of bronze-ish in real. Between the black and the titanium, I am lost myself. In India where majority of people prefer a black phone because it looks professional and low-profile, the titanium color definitely stands out more. The benefit of the black variant is the phone and the screen sort of like merges together and the always on display looks more stunning for the full black.

  3. I have a GS7 edge and I shower with it no problem. The only thing that doesn't like to work is the fingerprint scanner. I love this phone and I have the silver one. It's a great phone and I don't use Google photos. This phone is wicked fast and has not given me more then coverage issues and that's my network and not my phome

  4. I used to love taking my Z1 into the shower/bath/pool but unfortunately due to its low quality in certain areas it broke 3 times in the same place!! And the 3rd time I decided it really just had to go :(

  5. Hi Daniel how are you? I hope you're doing well I enjoyed your video about the Samsung S7. I was wondering if you could please do a video about the Huawei P9 because I'm really interested in that phone so it would be great if you could do a video and see if it's worth buying or not thank you.

  6. exynos is far better and more optimized…i dont game on my device and hate carrier locked shits.Imported the exynos version and its plainly better than my friends s7 edge

  7. Yes I think the Qualcom 820 (y) or 830 (if) + Mali 8890 GPU will be my favorite even for a tablet 13.9" for greatest performance phone with the rest same specs especially for the Edge version.

  8. Thanks for the tips, I learnt a few things I didn't know about my s7, such as apps not being able to move to SD as yet and not be able to take showers with my phone anymore lol

  9. Your videos are great, I always go to your channel 1st for updates in tech. Thanks man.
    Also I have the Silver titanium S7E and it best looking phone I have ever had. Take care Dan

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