Samsung Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9: Turning the Tables

Samsung’s days getting roughed up by HTC in comparison videos may be drawing to a close. Join us as we put the Galaxy S6 head to head with the HTC One M9 in one of the year’s hottest Android faceoffs!

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27 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9: Turning the Tables

  1. I have the s6 have had it since launch June of last year and I love the phone Samsung and android let you customize and its open source apple is closed source and nothing innovative I'm keeping my s6 until something revolutionary comes out

  2. People are getting more and more spoiled every year. whaaa, only 22 megapixels? no octa core processor? only 1000 gigs of memory? that phone sucks. just a couple of years ago you all were rocking your PS 2 on shitscreen TV and having 10x more fun then today.

  3. yep htc is the best if you think other wise tell me its just the camera it has always been lag free if you treat it well now samsung is another story so much lag in a smartphone they shounl ditch touchwiz

  4. hey guys! want to know what phone is better. Samsung or HTC.. I'm a huge fan of HTC, but seeing those photos that captured by HTC really made me feel sad 🙁 … I am an addict of taking photos.. please help,

  5. I have both phones. Bought the M9 during Christmas for $200 ebay and the Galaxy S6 for $319 on ebay. Overall the S6 is the better phone when you put a temped glass screen and a nice protector case (not those cheap cases). The biggest concern is my Galaxy s3 takes better pictures and videos than the M9. With the Android 6.0 upgrade on the M9, I hope my experience is better but just to note, you can't take the best pictures from the high end M9

  6. Right now there is a 100€ price difference between these two I can't believe htc costs a hundred more at 650 € atm in Ireland ,, but at this time I just don't know what to go for

  7. If the S6 had expandable storage and a better UI, I'd definitely choose it, but as it stands, I'm still using my M8. If I NEEDED to upgrade, I'd have to chose the M9 because of Sense UI and the Micro SD slot. The speakers are a bonus and I'm surprised it hasn't become standard in modern smartphones already. Expandable storage and front speakers are two features I hope HTC NEVER abandons. As it stands now, however, I'm sticking with my M8. The M9 just isn't worth the upgrade, and the S6 is out of the question with the lack of expandable storage. Hopefully HTC ditches the IR blaster, puts the headphone jack and power button at the top, makes the buttons more tactile, keeps the speakers & SD card slot, and actually improves the camera in a way that makes it competitive with the best smartphone cameras on the market, and we'll have a winner again.

  8. I think it's weird. I'm in the minority here Cus I think touchwiz is great and I hate sense. Touchwiz seems so fun and exciting but sense seems boring ._.

  9. ridiculous I have note 5 and it has been fucking bad phone
    I used htc fucking controversial this is
    htc is much better even note 5 us restarting just because of overheating after only 1 update
    Samsung is using marketing well and this time they are targeting htc camera and processor
    I believe that htc is faaaaaaaaar better than s6
    I would say htc is the only phone that competes with iPhone

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