Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Sony Xperia Z2

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Piccolo confronto…

22 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Sony Xperia Z2

  1. Xperia z2 hands down winner. I have both phones and to be honest sony is more classy and stylish. Natural colors not over saturated like samsung. In this review its obvious that sony was set to low brightness and maybe even set to auto adjust brightness. If you will hold both phones you will feel the difference with 2, night and day difference.

  2. hey you samsung fanboy if you really think samsuck is better then put the Z2 on full brightness and put the X reality on then you will understand how badly the samsuck shit 5 sucks in display bloody samsuck fanboys

  3. nel video sembra migliore, anche se più saturo, il display s5, perché si riescono a notare maggiormente i dettagli.
    Magari però dal vivo, invece, risultano meno "stancanti" e più naturali i colori dell Z2.

    Cmq il Samsung Galaxy S5 ha, ricordiamo, i profili colore selezionabili, e con quello "cinema" i colori risulteranno MOLTO MENO "sparati"

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