Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 5S

The titans of the smartphone game go head to head. Check out the Samsung Galaxy S5 vs the Apple iPhone 5S!

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48 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 5S

  1. Iphone is known for its Premium expensive design while Samsung s5 is known for Its best Hardware and its IP67 meaning Dust and Water Resistant. ?? Both phones also had great camera.


  3. I often wonder if this guy ever knows what he's saying. For instance, he complains about touchwiz a bit, then compliments one sentence later . "Performance is as smooth as it's ever been" right after talking about stutters and lags in the past.

  4. I've been using iphone 6 for the past one year and it's great but because of it's big size i decided to buy iphone 5s but now i'm stuck with the s5 option because of it's battery and water resistance and that's a big deal for me even though it's bigger than my current iphone 6. I hope i won't be dissapointed by the S5 ^_^

  5. Guys, i wanna buy an iphone 5s and keep it for the next 3 years, 32GB model. Approximately I make 700 hundred photos per year, so 2000 photos all 3 years, and i think i will not download more than 200 hundred songs, plus max. 7 games, and 8 other applications. So can 2000 photos, 200 songs, 7 games and 8 apps fit in 32GB??? Please answer 'cause I really wanna know.

  6. Had an s5 for a year now. I get really impatient with it. Fast use will cause it to lag. When I turn on my phone quickly and need something quick, most times it will lag. I'm getting An 5s so I hope this phone is better with reliability

  7. I used an iPhone 5s and it was somewhat shit. Siri was mentally retarded and didn't know shit like how to do math. The battery was going down over 10 percent in 10 minutes and the "multitasking" is annoying when all your apps constantly run and you have to keep closing them. The only credit I can give to Apple is that their phones look and feel nice and have some fancy features but it's too limited. Why can't a a phone over $500 allow you to change your ringtone or download music or transfer files without going through some fascists iTunes or iCloud shit? And why do their chargers constantly break? I'm a person without a smartphone so I'm not biased, I think iPhones $100 android, I liked how it could do more.

  8. Come on people.Iphone clearly is horrible because of the size.PLUS Google works with android.and there are Sony phones that are android.Sony made the PS 1,2,3,4.And there are a few Sony laptops that have Microstation word etc.MICROSOFT WORKS WITH XBOX!!!!!!

  9. It is meant to be a phone, nothing more, nothing less. Make calls and text people, perhaps a bit of video calling as well. In terms of having a phone, iPhone is the winner, clearly. In terms of anything else, specs related, heart rate monitoring related * LAUGHS * and using your um, PHONE, as a workstation . . . honestly . . . who on earth really cares?! I am talking . . . strictly PHONE users, who just appreciate what a phone can do and that is it.

  10. Are you arguing honestly for mobile phones, it is a matter of taste which cell phone for you better the samsung galaxy s5 is perhaps not as high but it has many features in iphone is the exact opposite

    But I still think many people really better iphone iphone also sry for my Bad english i made this With translate

  11. There's never a choice. People who has apple devices at home gets Iphone, others with Android tablets and Window, google and so on goes to Android. Both are fine, but I rather get Android as they are overwealthy majority in Europe and easier to share things with other users. 

  12. Fuck youuu ? IPhone is clearly better than a galaxy. It lasts longer and have better quality than the galaxy. I've watched videos and all videos would say IPhone is better. My friend has a galaxy and her camera has bad quality. 

  13. standing somewhere random in public takes out android Nobody even bothers to look. brings out apple device eveybody is looking at it like its a peice of technology from 2000 years in the future. I dont get it.

  14. Both are awesome phones. It's just a matter of personal taste. I got the iPhone 5s because it's easier to put in my pocket . But my. Brother has the Galaxy S5 and it's awesome too. So it taste. For me it's like apples & oranges. Too different to say one is better than the other. 

  15. I'm going to buy a new phone and I can't decide witch one should I choose, the Samsung galaxy s5 or the iPhone 5s. I already have an iPad mini retina display and a Samsung galaxy S3 as my daily phone.
    I'm going to use it for gaming, social media and photos.
    and for last, both of those are going to last more in battery life than my s3??? 

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