Samsung Galaxy Note5 vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus

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With the Galaxy Note5, Samsung vows to continue its ongoing crusade in the land of premium design, where it reserved itself a place with the snazzy Galaxy S6 and S6 edge earlier this year. Truth is that the Note5 has one real enemy on the market, and it’s no other than the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. We put the new Samsung phablet toe-to-toe against Apple’s largest phone to date.

Samsung Galaxy Note5 vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus:
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25 Comments on Samsung Galaxy Note5 vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus

  1. does the note 5 lag? which is better iphone 6 plus or note 5 plz no bias guyz? its gonna be my first phone and ill probably not change it in 5 years? what do u all recommend? and plz no fights or namcalling

  2. Never trusted Apple, which is why I own the Note5. Even though battery is fixed, it's still a bloody good phone compared to the iPhone cos it has longer battery life.

  3. No way the Note 5 has battery battery life than the 6 Plus. Many reviewers got 9 hours or more on the iPhone than the Note 5. John V only jerks battery life through Geekbench tests than in real life usage. No wonder his 6S Plus Review he says battery life is superior to the 2014 6 Plus even though he uses tests to check battery usage. All he does is watch YouTube videos all the time (Taylor Smith) all the time. Maybe that's why his usage always gets short.

  4. I'm getting a phone price wise they are around the same price but I.don't know what to get and honestly I don't think iPhones are as great as people make them seem to be people just get it cuz it' trend

  5. well the 6 plus takes a while to drain the battery, I could see why it would need time to charge it, that's not a problem. As long as I can go at least 1 day with moderate to heavy usage, I'm fine.

  6. I'm debating on getting the iPhone 6 plus and the note 5. but after watching this video they both seem like good phones…which one would you recommend the best?

  7. this is dumb. comparing samsungs just released device to apples last gen. give it one more week and do the 6S plus and its gonna shit poo all over the note lol. note 4 is better than the 5 anyway

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