Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6 Plus – Quick Look!

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Samsung and Apple go head to head as the Galaxy Note 5 goes up against the big iPhone 6 Plus.

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42 Comments on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6 Plus – Quick Look!

  1. Apple products are for dumb people who find a real PC or Android phones too hard and overwhelming to operate .
    Also the fact that they overpay for outdated/obsolete hardware just because they get that "premium feel"makes them even dumber .

    Thumbs up if you think the isheep are the epitomy of the word dumb.

  2. i have the Samsung note 5 and i have to say that i am pissed i even got it. samsung is always the last one to get update and as soon as a new flagship phone comes out, they start forgetting about the old one. i have always been an android fan bjt i had enough. moving to the iphone till the day samsung start doing what is right for the costumers.

  3. Why scrolling on iOS is much better than android? (I mean, scrollin' in facebook/chrome as an example, not on the homescreen). If you scroll two side-by-side you will see it. That's the main flaw I found in android. The other one is the lack of some quality producing music apps..

  4. you got to be stupid or brainwashed zombie to buy the iPhone for more money over the note 5. iPhone should be 200-300 cheaper than the note 5, instead it's 300 more… crazy.

  5. Note 5 for sure, arguably the best camera. Beats everything else in the benchmarks. Great approach to multitasking and has the S Pen and not to mention it looks great in gold. I'm an engineering student and if anything it helps boost my productivity. Its way cheaper than the IPhone 6 Plus here in Malaysia.

  6. Channel called "Android Authority". We didn't test the Note 5 camera yet but we say it will be better. Man, what a load of bullshit. I own both a Note 5 and a 6+, they both take great pics. Unsubscribed.

  7. I have alwayed owned an iPhone recently I switched over from my iPhone 6 Plus to a Galaxy Note 5. Out of the box your free to do more with a Android device which is pretty cool but I never keep my phones stock so this doesn't apply to me. I have always jailbroken my iPhone because it's reversible which won't void your warranty but on my Note 5 I recently rooted the phone but lost my warranty because the Knox was tripped but in all honesty it is a price I'm willing to pay for because after rooting I love my Note 5 it makes a huge difference specially in battery life. When it's all said and done both are great phones if you give it time and learn how to use them. My personal opinion for certain things I prefer an iPhone and certain things I prefer a Android but I like them both.

  8. apple users will never understand what it feels like to have a real multitasking computer for a smartphone..iPhones are mediocre at pay is not better than android pay..the specs suck…the build quality sucks…I mean damn you're better off having a beeper than a iPhone. #Samsung4ever

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