Samsung Galaxy J7-6 2016 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

See the comparison video of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy j7-6 2016 Edition
Compare on basis of:
1. Design: Winner Redmi Note 3
2. Features: Winner Redmi Note 3
3. Availability: Winner J7-6 2016
4. Internals: Winner Redmi Note 3
5. Camera: Winner Redmi Note 3
6. Network: Draw
7. OS: Winner J7-6 2016
8. Gaming & performance: Winner Redmi Note 3
9. Support: Winner J7-6 2016
10. Price: Winner Redmi Note 3

Conclusions: Redmi scores 7/10 and J7-6 2016 score 4/10. Ultimate winner in this comparison is Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

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40 Comments on Samsung Galaxy J7-6 2016 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

  1. tumhe ni pta amoled mai bohot sare pixels hote hai wo b alg alg hr pixel alg kaam krta hai iske color acche hote hai khas tor per black mai aapko ek video suggest krta hu dekh lo pta chal jayga or jo b andha ho use dikhne lagega

  2. i don't know what kind of comparison is it !
    i think someone paid u .
    ..j7 2016 is much better than this china redmi note 3 ..
    Internals,Camera which is using in redmi is so cheap ..every chaina phone used to buy this kind of hardware's …its show its fast but it isn't !
    otherhand j7 internals all part made by sumsung …
    and its far batter than radmi note 3 !
    overheating is also a main prblm of redmi note 3 !
    j 2016 doesn't have any overheating prblms .!

  3. sir jee, pakka fm with recording available hai na redmi note 3 main??

    aur loudspeaker compare karke bateyeeye inka maine suna hai j7 ka loudspeaker volume kam hai aap kayee calls miss kar sakte hai?? is it true?!

  4. super amoled in J7 is much better compared to a normal ips display and also u can't use both sim with memory card in redmi dats a great disadvantage. secondly after sales service matters more compared to a thing fully loaded with features but of no use if something goes wrong u keep running after service centres.

  5. Samsung is always better than mi,oppo,leetv and redimi note 3 gets heated while gaming and performing other functions but J7 2016 dosent gets heated and is having nice battery life

  6. Bhai, tu review karna band hi kar de to hi better hoga… You're saying Black on Super amoled are not that good. Lol… Your technical information about specifications/hardware is totally dumb. Do some study, learn a bit about electronic hardware first then, create such videos.

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