S7 Edge: Everything No One Told You About The Edge Screen

The Edge Screen on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has been widely overlooked by reviewers. There are so many edge panels and edge features that no one is talking about and I’m here to change that.

In this video I cover every single feature available on the Edge Screen for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge! Consider this part 1 of my top 100 features review for the Galaxy S7 and don’t forget to subscribe to see the full review, right when I post it!

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Watch this before you set up your S7 Edge:

iPhone 6S vs S7 Edge Slow Motion 240FPS comparison:

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Top 100 Note 5 Features:

Gear S2 Standard AND Classic Review:

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35 Comments on S7 Edge: Everything No One Told You About The Edge Screen

  1. YOU are GOOD! I'm going to download this video, since I'm a new user to Samsung S7. There are a few tips in here that dont' need at the moment, but, there are quite a few I need to discover how to explore! I'm getting a GEAR VR this week, so, I'm really excited about that. Thanks for the time you took to record this video!

  2. is it just me or anybody else having trouble purchasing the fast message edge panel? i tried purchasing it using my samsung account and i registered my credit card. when i pressed buy, nothing happened

  3. Yeah, the edge is a great idea in a few ways, but a big problem is that the greater surface area makes it easier to break and harder to put on a screen protector.

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