Review: Slickwraps Real Cork Skin for the HTC One M8

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I love natural fiber cases and covers for our phones. There’s something really cool about the feel of it in the hand, and I think they age better than metal or plastic. Slickwraps now offers a cover made out of cork! Let’s go hands on!
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29 Comments on Review: Slickwraps Real Cork Skin for the HTC One M8

  1. HTC really sucks. I bought HTC one and barely used it for 2 months and since then it is in Service Center.  They are not replacing the part nor replacing the mobile since last 4 months.  There is no ETA nor any proper response from them.  Don't Buy HTC, you will regret after buying it.  Go to nearest Service Center and talk to people out there before buying HTC, you will find tons of Customers like me who are struggling after buying HTC.

  2. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone as my complaints about their wrap i got 2 weeks ago has been ignored and just get deleted off facebook. not telling you not to buy but thats totally up to you and what i faced. yup, started peeling after 2 weeks normal no extreme usage. they offer a replacement at the price of $5 more due to shipping, as a customer i don't expect to pay extra than the shown price. after that, they ignore every other message and delete every other comment, not even handled professionally. they just seem incapable of handling a complaint as i've also heard other people get ignored once they start complaining. (just search around the web)
    any way thats my rant done… waste of $21. buy a nice case instead imo

  3. Skins always look totally ugly when it's ticked to the front of the phone, I mean very very ugly, I am surprised ppl even consider using it on the front part of the phone

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