Researchers created 3D movie screen that works without glasses

Researchers created 3D movie screen that works without glasses

Researchers at the Technical University MIT and the Weizmann Institute of Science have developed a 3D technology for cinemas, with viewers not having to put on glasses.

The current 3D techniques which do not need glasses take into account more viewing angles. Since movie theater’s space is very wide, this has to be done at the expense of the resolution of the film.

However, the new technique reduces the number of viewing angles, allowing the resolution to remain high. Lenses and mirrors are used to create the 3D movie set for the screen for the viewers.


Photo Courtesy – The Weizmann Institute of Science

 “Rather than attempting to display many angular images spanning the full range of viewing angles in a wide cinema, our design only displays the narrow angular range observed within the limited width of a single seat.”

The researchers write in a statement.

“The same narrow range content is then replicated to all rows and seats in the cinema. To achieve this, it uses an optical construction based on two sets of parallax barriers, or lenslets, placed in front of a standard screen.”

With the new technology, it will be possible to eliminate the 3D glasses in cinemas, but there has to be the new screen installed. It is also quite expensive to apply the technique in large format.


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