Redmi Note 4G Camera Review with Video & Picture Samples

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G Camera Review, Redmi Note 4G has a 13MP rear facing camera capable of 1080p video recording and a 5 MP front facing camera and I show you sample pictures & videos that I shot with the Redmi Note 4G in varying lighting conditions so that you can judge it’s camera performance.

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Redmi Note 4G is sold in India via Amazon and flipkart

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  1. The only 2 drawbacks of this phone for me after seeing all the reviews are it is a single sim phone and it is not Full HD…Can anyone tell me if there will be any noticeable differences in video, photos between this phone and a full HD phone? Also I know Redmi Note 2 and Note 2 Prime has been launched but maybe due to some legal issues between Xiaomi and Ericcsopn, it is yet to be launched in India….Can anyone tell me by when those devices will be availaible in India? Also Redmi Note4G is out of stock in Indian markets but I have got an unboxed one with reduced warranty period…Wondering whether to buy that one or not as it may not be the defectless one….

  2. Good afternoon sir,
    I'm currently choosing between redmi note 4G and HTC desire 820s, which one do you think is better? i am stucked. And i heard that HTC desire 820s camera is not really 13MP, is that true? hope to hear from you soon!

  3. i am getting Blurry unclear pics from camera. i got my device like 10 days ago.. Redmi Note 4G and its giving worst photos.. half of side is total blurry and the side with is not so blurry is lack of clarity. kindly assist does the device i got have defective camera as i saw on youtube reviews of you got good photo quality by same device.. and i lack that.. i used default camera all modes, Google Camera, Camera FV-5, HdR camera all giving same blurry result. and as here in my Place Allahabad, UP . i do not have any service centre to go to for check up. kindly assist. below is the link for full size photo i getting. even my moto G and E both give well clear no blurry pics and this device not giving a good pic at all.. just in macro shot it give some good.. i not able to knew this if i not transfer the photos to my laptop 2 days ago… and saw on the monitor.. if there is some camera defect in phone of my i will go for 30 day Replacement Guarante of flipkart… just want to know.. that does i have some defect in phone because the photo you got i not getting even close to that. thank you sir.. waiting of your expertise…

  4. Hello, Mr. Ranjit. I purchase a Redmi Note 4 as you show in your video. I have a problem though, when I take a picture, and sent it to a friend via text message or email, the screen says sending and nevers sends.. What can I do to resolve the problem? Thank You…

  5. RANJIT SIR, Does apps directly installed to sd card in note 4g?? does it has gorilla glass? what is the procedure for service if needed in xiomi?  because yureka  promissed to give doorstep service. I like yu yureka but its difficult to get on 22 january because 2.9lac subscribed usedr of last time will get first chance. So i choose redmi note 4g for tomorrow flash sale. is it worth buying I need only for internet browsing. please sir reply soon since flash sell is tomorrow. THANKS SIR

  6. When you compare between Redmi 1s, Redmi Note 3G and Redmi Note 4G, I am seeing that Redmi Note 4G is INFERIOR. Why is that ? Is it a SW issue ? I have also seen these comments in MIUI forums

  7. Hello Ranjit Please Review Yu Yureka…. And Please provide a comparison between Yu Yureka, Redmi Note and OnePlus One in terms of camera…. (What is the difference)….

  8.     A tight budget around 5000…… which whould you prefer 

    1) Android One Spice Dream Uno
    2) Asus Zenfone 4 A400CXG (8GB)
    3) Microsoft Lumia 532 (officially announced and i have to wait for 1 month to buy a new device so i am considering it)
    4) Nokia Lumia 530
    5) any other (consider i can wait for 1 month)

  9. Hi sir plz help me by reply
    I'm looking for best camera, battery life , multitasking, single hand use, service.
    No need to play heavy games, display size doesn't matter.
    Which is best phone for me redmi 1s, lenovo a6000…. Etc…
    Thanks in advance for your response
    Plz reply me plzz 

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