Redmi Note 3 – Can it shoot REAL 4K UHD Video?

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Can the Snapdragon 650 Variant of the Redmi Note 3 shoot real 4K UHD Video? Let’s find out!
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review –

This phone’s also called the Redmi Note 3 Pro.

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26 Comments on Redmi Note 3 – Can it shoot REAL 4K UHD Video?

  1. Sweet Show! Im buying a new phone alittle bit coz of the Video Quality for Youtube. Im sure this one will do, as the price is now perfect & its nice wide screen & the lightweight build (swapping from HTC M7) 🙂 Anyone know if this phone still have issues with crashing apps, or have it been resolved in Android 6.0..?

  2. Ash clarify one thing. Can this be updated for camera by xaomi software guys? And 2 if you put the 4k app on the xaomi can you take pictures of that quality and detail too?

  3. can u please make a video with zoom on a not so distant object please? i got a meizu mx5, the 4k zoom video is ok, but the 1080p zoom is a pieace of crap, way way lower quality than a galaxy note 3 by samsung.
    thank you!

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