Razer CEO’s appropriate answer to Singapore government over ‘Pokémon Go’ comments

Razer CEO’s appropriate answer to Singapore government over ‘Pokémon Go’ comments

The Pokemon craze is everywhere, and now it has reached the ministry level. On Sunday, Singapore’s communication and information minister Yaacob Ibrahim had a small conference with reporters where he told them that he is very concerned about the most recent popular game Pokemon Go.

The information minister Ibrahim said that if Pokemon Go comes in Singapore then it may be a risk for Singaporeans and it can bring a negative impact in Singapore’s culture, therefore, it has become a very big concern to the Singapore Government to ransack this game concerning what could happen if Pokemon Go runs in Singapore.

Following the information Minister’s comments, Tan Min-Liang, the CEO of gaming company Razer has given a long, appropriate answer to the Singapore Government through Facebook.

Through the Razer CEO’s Facebook statement, he just wanted to remind the Singapore Government that they are living in the millennium era and not in the 19th century; therefore, they need to change their attitude in order to clear a path for innovativeness in gaming to flourish.


Here is a small aphorism of Tin to the Singapore Government,

 “In case you missed it, gaming is an artform, it’s also now the biggest medium for creative expression — far outstripping movies and music,” and try as you might, you’re not going to get very far censoring and banning games willy-nilly because games will always find a way— to game (ba-dum-tss) the system.”

Most Singaporeans are not happy with Ibrahim’s comments because they are still eagerly waiting for Pokemon Go, and to catch Pokemon from their country while others are already collecting Pokemon from their own countries.

However, there is a gossip going around in Singapore that Pokemon Go will be released very soon within this week. Pokemon Go has already released in two countries in the region, which are Japan and Hong Kong and it is expected that gradually, Pokemon Go will be available in all of Asia very soon.

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