Quick Look at Edge Panel on the Galaxy S7 Edge

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Many things have changed from last year’s Galaxy S6 edge to the Galaxy S7 edge, so let’s take a loot at what Samsung has done.

Spoiler alert, Edge Panel is much more valuable than it was last year.

22 Comments on Quick Look at Edge Panel on the Galaxy S7 Edge

  1. That was very nice feature by Samsung being able to adjust the transparency of edge panel handle. Because earlier it was very irritating to see that white edge panel handle floating on the edge.

  2. How do the "color notifications" work? And one time on my GS7 Edge, somehow I saw a "bubble effect" appear on the side of my screen? Not the people's faces, just like a teardrop coming from the edge of my phone to the center, and I don't know what I did to get it there. Was it that someone called me? Great video, and thanks in advance for your help!

  3. samsung should also update the software where that the phone shows your exact location on the home screen(with location turned on). For example, I live in Barbados,but my s7 edge only shows Bridgetown which is the capital of Barbados, but I don't live in the capital,so it should be displaying my exact location on the home screen. If I go to the airport,it shows Bridgetown on the home screen because I'm in Barbados but the airport is not in Bridgetown,so technically the location of samsung devices needs to be updated in that regard,this would be awesome. With such accuracy like that,Apple don't stand a chance

  4. I think samsung should update the edge screen features on the s7 edge because the note edge can display the owner's name but I don't see the option for that one my s7 edge, yet still it's supposed to be the best phone yet.

  5. eh. i still think samsung isnt using the edge well enough. if u are gonna swipe from edge, then swipe thru all the panels to the one u wanna see, why not just open the app itself…

    In my opinion, they should use the side edge for multi-tasking features, like quick app switching (kinda how like desktops have taskbars) and also have quick shortcuts which only require 1 tap/swipe. the edge should always be active and not need a swipe to open siince its on the curved edge, it doesnt interfere with the space of normal apps..

  6. The stocks ticker is really useful for me as I dont have to go the app everytime to check on my stocks.
    The compass also looks cool, maybe i'll use it when i am travelling.
    Even the sports ticker is nice but i wish you could access it through the lock screen itself like the night clock on the s6 edge.
    The best is the apps shortcut which is way better than the 3d touch. Directly going into the front cam and stuff, thats pretty neat!
    Great job samsung!

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