Prizefight – New Apple TV vs. Roku 4

It’s a battle between two of the best streaming boxes on the market. Will the AppleTV fulfill its claim of being the “future of TV”? Or will the Roku 4’s 4K compatibility put it over the top? Let’s get it on!

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  2. I LOVE what Roku has to offer, 4K conent(trust me once you've tried 4K you'll never go back) more services like SPOTIFY(that should be a must even if your Apple) Amazon Prime etc, but i hate Roku's interface, if i could have the Roku 4, but with Apple's nice remote and interface, then that would be perfect, too bad that won't happen ?.

  3. In a non biased way, Apple TV is really only for the people who for some reason are apple only, because it really doesn't compare to roku. Roku is just king with no competition really.

  4. One word … "pill."  You are a pill, BT.  Love your blogs and always glad to see a new one you've posted.  Keep up the good work because you are one dandy little "pill."

  5. Horrible comparison. Apple has the design, the features, definitely has the content by far having access to every streaming service as well as a universal search across streaming service, has the features all basically in the Apple TV remote, it has everything, even if youre not in the Apple ecosystem. Somebody not in the Apple TV Ecosystem would easily spend the $20 more to get a high quality device over a cheap low end competitor. It easily destroys the terrible UI and design of the Roku. The only 1 up roku has is 4k but that doesn't compare. Plus there is so little 4k content right now and most of it is 1080p upscaled and not even true 4k. The app store alone makes Apple TV worth it. This is clearly a true anti Apple bias fight.

  6. Why no CNet app on the Apple TV? Think about it if the CNet reviewers have clickable sponsor links to buy the review product! Then think of the linked profits you all could get from that!

  7. I still have no idea which one to get and I've been thinking about it for two months. The things that are really tugging me are the Apple TV's airplay + sleek interface and the Roku's private listening + 4k capabilities. I don't have a 4k TV yet and I don't plan on buying one for my bedroom (which is where the box is gonna go) any time soon, so I'm thinking I should just go for the Apple TV because I'm seriously craving that airplay, but I also reaaaaallllllllyyyy want that private listening. I'm so confused lol

  8. roku or roku4 can't download apps that you like. whatever app is there on roku and that's it. can't load any other app u like or want. and why you want something like that?

  9. I will be getting the apple tv 4th gen 32gb in the next few months. I am getting it to stream Netflix and to stream my movies and tv shows I have on my iTunes account. I don't have an ios device but I still want the apple tv.

  10. You really should have a disclaimer that this is only valid if you live in US. For us in other countries Roku is just a dumb streaming box, and Apple TV has huge potential and starts getting local content already.

  11. Can anybody comment on the sound quality of Apple vs roku? I have an old Apple TV and I believe it adds a bit of treble and bass to the audio channel when it does its upsampling from 44.1 kHz to 48khz. This is messing up the sound when I connect it to a high end preamplifier. Does Roku modify the sound in any way? Thanks!

  12. My Apple TV Gen 3 has a max bitrate of 25… When I try to transcode Rango via plexconnect it causes the device to reboot because it doesn't have enough power…. When it comes to it I want a device that has enough power to handle these bitrates as higher resolution is a higher bitrate… I can't seem to find these specs anywhere…

  13. Ok…I'm an apple fanboy. I really want to love this appletv…and it seems great in terms of how smooth everything is, and just overall design. But it does't have sling? Thats a major kick to the nuts! I don't get why one would want the appletv over the roku when you get less options to choose from for streaming options. Is there something else I'm missing here?

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