PlayBox HD: How To Get FREE Movies on iOS 9.3 and Later | NO JAILBREAK & Movie Box ALTERNATIVE

NEW method on how to get FREE movies on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 9.3, 9.3.1, and 9.3.2 with an app called PlayBox HD! NO JAILBREAK REQUIRED!!

If Movie Box is NOT working for you, then stream and download all of the latest movies with this amazing Movie Box ALTERNATIVE! Follow my tutorial and you’ll be good to go.

The method used in this video, specific to iOS 9.3 and later, does not require a jailbreak nor will you have any chance of NOT being able to get PlayBox HD successfully!


Website used in the tutorial:


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34 Comments on PlayBox HD: How To Get FREE Movies on iOS 9.3 and Later | NO JAILBREAK & Movie Box ALTERNATIVE

  1. Hey , I have a problem. Basically the movie isn't playing for a long time , only to find out the root cause of it later on, which was that the Internet doesn't connect. Please help. Many thanks

  2. Please read this I did this different I did it I went to play box and then from there they say it will give me the username and password I have to sign out for my Apple ID before downloading the app play box and then they give me there user name and password I have to login as there Apple ID and then I have before open the app I have to download one free app and then one that the app is done I open the play box and then watch movies for free I watch the and movies and it really worked once thats happend i dont trust that app cause so I got scared because my friend he paid $100 because he don't want a app that is called free movies so please read this

  3. IF YOU ARE HAVING AN ISSUE WITH PLAYBOX HD, PLEASE READ THIS!! I know a handful of you are having an issue with PlayBox HD. So I made a troubleshooting guide just for those people. If you need more help, please don't be afraid to reply to this comment. This troubleshooting guide will always be up 24/7 and I will never delete it. It is also available for other Video Creators to use and reference off of. If something is NOT clear on my troubleshooting guide, I've enabled comments on that document. Feel free to leave comments on the document as well. Just keep in mind that other people may see it as well.

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