Phablet speed test: iPhone 6S Plus vs Nexus 6P vs Lumia 950 XL vs S6 Edge+ vs Sony Z5 Premium

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Apple iPhone 6S Plus vs Google Nexus 6P vs Microsoft Lumia 950 XL vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ vs Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

Starting from boot up and racing around 10 apps in two laps, which of our phones will come out as the fastest for December 2015?

24 Comments on Phablet speed test: iPhone 6S Plus vs Nexus 6P vs Lumia 950 XL vs S6 Edge+ vs Sony Z5 Premium

  1. All i see is a bunch of iFaggs bashing my android and the processor. Its ok, i like the simplicity of your iBricks. But man, I'd take 6p's bunch of features, unique design and freedom of customization over a milisecond behind of performance. Nice try………….. iShit.

  2. Guys…I bet you without boot up the Nexus 6P will be the fastest……When it goes to daily use of apps on a phone/multitasking, the Nexus 6P is the fastest phone on the market right now.

  3. Those tests are pointless and stupid. No one uses the phones this way, opening and closing apps/games like crazy.

    The reality is that all those phones are all more than enough powerful and just choose what you like the most.

  4. Spotify, Instagram Beta and most of the other apps haven't been updated for at least 3 years. They're coded for WP8. Therefore, the test is not about the performance problems of the Lumia 950XL, but rather about the "developers are not interested" problem in Windows 10 Mobile.

  5. Fu** people who said Windows Phone was su** smartphone. I bought Lumia 430 a week ago, and this phone is fu**ing awesome and Microsoft really impressed me! Lumia 430 just bring dual-core snapdragon 200 with 1GB RAM. That's an old processor for now. But, this phone run many HD games like Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 5, Overkill 3, GT Racing 2, and Dungeon Hunter 5 with no hard lag! And multitasking run so smooth while I'm playing game. I can download song and videos too. And you will feel comfort when surfing with IE 11. It's less ads, not like Chrome or others.

    And I gotta say, don't trust what people talk about before you prove it by yourself.

  6. Nexus 6p has Marshmallow = keeps apps suspended. Galaxy s6 still on Lollipop = has to reload the larger apps. Wait until the Galaxy gets Marshmallow then re-test. There is already a RAM management test with a GS6 running beta Marshmallow and it keep everything suspended not having to reload large games. Kudos to Apple for having figured that out a long time ago.

  7. There are videos of Galaxy s6 edge with Marshmallow on it. The RAM management has been fixed and it keeps a apps in the background suspended as does the iphone. Without having to re-load games, it will be quicker than the iphone. Please do another text once the Galaxies get Marshmallow. This is why the Nexus beat the Galaxy in this race, now imagine when the Galaxy gets Marshmallow.

  8. We have 5 athletes and we are going to have a 1 mile race see who finishes first. Oh, we are also gong to include how quickly they shave, shower, and put on their shoes before the race.

  9. Oh guys, please. You should REALLY wait till all of the phone are turned on to start the speed test. This way we would see which one boots up faster and would still have a fair comparison.

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