Pandora has lots of love for Uber drivers

Pandora has lots of love for Uber drivers

If you are an Uber driver yourself, and you reside in US, Australia, or New Zealand you’d be happy to know that Pandora is now offering 6 months of its ad-free service to Uber drivers, for free. As kind and generous as it seems, it is actually the result of a partnership which has been struck between Uber and Pandora.

In an official post on Uber’s blog, they stated their reason of the partnership:

Music has the power to turn a stressful morning commute into a peaceful journey or an uberPOOL into a dance party. We know from your feedback that easy access to high quality music makes a difference and that struck a chord with our team.

They further continue on by giving details of the partnership:

So with the help of several drivers, we designed a new feature with Pandora in the Uber Partner app so you can enjoy seamless, personalized music throughout your day. Now drivers in the United States, Australia and New Zealand can play music from their favorite Pandora stations, for free and without advertisements,* while they drive with Uber.

How to set it up

Also from the official site, are the instructions to set up your account:

  1. Connect your smartphone to the car’s Bluetooth / AUX and set the stereo as needed
  2. In the Uber Partner app, tap the “Play Music” button on the map
  3. Log in or create a free Pandora account
  4. Pick your station and enjoy!

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This is sure to come as a wonderful surprise to many Uber drivers and passengers. One thing to note, the post ends with saying “Music is ad-free through 12/28/2016 or while supplies last.” So, if you are interested in the offer hurry and sign up. In your next Uber trip, you’ll have a wonderful time listening to some cool tunes thanks to Pandora.



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