Owning an HTC One M8 in 2016

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This glorious blue beast gets tested by me! What a marvelous machine but it’s a shame about the specs :c

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28 Comments on Owning an HTC One M8 in 2016

  1. Not bad review. IMO, most tech these days need minimum 32GB to be able to run well. SD card slot does not make up for having only 16gb inside. HTC M8 also comes in 32 GB and that one would be worth recommending. Never buy tablets or smartphones with less than 32 GB on board, this partly why it crashes with some apps.

  2. I've had the HTC One M8 for more than two years now. Great phone, but the camera is just terrible. Sometimes it will take the most awesome photo in the world, but other times the photo is just rubbish. It's 50/50 with this phone camera really. Also, camera launch really slows down after a few months, it used to be so quick, now it takes like 5-10 seconds for the camera to actually load, which is quite annoying. Other than that the phone is awesome, love the speakers, the earbuds that came with it, the battery has always been solid with me.

    However my next phone will definitely not be an HTC, I want a phone with a better camera, most probably a Samsung or an LG.

  3. I still got mine in gold, I got it right when it came out lol I guess I just love htc and this phone , also only when I upgrade is to the htc 10 and I will keep this phone for sure because its just beautiful ,its art to me , htc is the best,

  4. I have the Red Verizon 32gb model and since the marshmallow update I think it runs allot better and fixed allot of the issues I had with lollipop. For being 2016 and the phone being 2yrs old it's not bad at all .

  5. someone probably mentioned this, but it is designed so you have to rock it before double-tap wakes it up when it is on its back. I still don't like that, but just thought I would mention that it isn't caused by a lack of responsiveness.

  6. What's up FailTech,
    Nice video I have owned the M7 & that was the best phone I have owned. I have the M8 now and I love this phone, it serves it's purpose and never had a problem with it. The update for Marshmallow really gave the phone some speed. I even went and ordered the HTC Re' for video. Anyhow good look and take care.

  7. I have htc m8 and i had nexus 4 . i experienced more crashes with nexus 4 . useing htc m8 is a breace . i had g3 and i exchanged it for one becouse its smooth while the LG isnt. btw nexus 4 doesnt have simular hardware. nexus 4 is much worse phone.

  8. I think your phone maybe has this problem with the messenger.I had too on my old Note 3,i think is from messenger the error. And that function with duble tap to wake it's made it like that because if youre phone is in your pocket it can wake up by touching your skin from your foot.But i am telling you this just to know. Great review keep doing it.

  9. I've had my One M8 since the device launched in the UK on o2. I've only had a couple of app crashes in the 2 years. This has always been due to bad software coding which also crashed on a Sony Xperia Z3.

    Did you perform a factory reset after updating to Marshmallow? I've heard that without it you get poor battery life and crashing…

  10. You forgot to mention that the notification light is incredibly visually salient, though we could see that earlier in the video. It's like a light on a runway in terms of how noticeable it is vs other phones.

  11. The blue color variant was a BestBuy store exclusive. I still own my One M8 and converted it to a Google Play edition and really, really enjoy stock Android on this hardware with Marshmallow. Never crashed on me and will only upgrade if the One M10 is amazing.

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