Owning a Sony Xperia Z3 in 2016

This is an absolutely fantastic device and I didn’t know it was this good! 10/10 would recommend.

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26 Comments on Owning a Sony Xperia Z3 in 2016

  1. I'm going to disagree about the camera.. Many samsung phones have much better cameras, in terms of colour at least. Also, my Z3 still lasts two full days of moderate usage with one charge ;)

  2. Had this phone since early 2015 and its been great. Super fast especially since the Marshmallow update (6.0.1). However there are a few negatives such as the front camera quality, heavily processed looking pictures and the phone gets hot ALOT. But overall its still pretty good :)

  3. If you're gonna have front facing stereo speakers, you'll have shitty screen/body ratio, at least with current tech. It is, however, a thing you get used to. I switched to Z3 coming from OneX and it was really awkward at first, but when you get used to it you don't notice it. I love my Z3, by far the best phone I ever had. With my usage the battery lasts up to five days, I shit you not, and I bought that magnetic charger which is amazing. It's a type of thing you don't think you need until you get it and start using it. Now I can't see myself owning a phone without that charger, it's so convenient. Charges very fast and you don't have to worry you'll snap off the cable or damage the connector. I use Viber a lot, a few short calls here and there, check ebay a few times a day, autosync is turned on for all the apps and I capture a couple of pictures a day. So I'm a light-mid user, not having Facebook anymore helped double my battery life (and improved my social life lol). I'm on stock 6.0.1 btw and I have yet to see a good reason to root it. I was hoping they would release at least one more Z flagship, but that's not happening sadly. I skipped the Z5, the battery life and that dreaded 810 steered me from it, there's no point coming from the Z3. The new X Performance is amazing hardware and tech-wise, but from an aesthetic side of things, a few steps backwards from the Z lineup. Not ugly, but the Z was really something else. If Sony releases Android N for the Z3 (it might actually happen), I'll stick with it, otherwise I might get the X Performance, on paper it sounds impressive.
    Nice recap of the Z3, btw. In terms of your friend's battery lasting only one day, he must be a heavy user or has some stock apps running (you can disable those easy with 6.0.1, no root needed), turning off NFC helps and switching GPS mode to battery saving mode. A heavy user should get almost two days out of it.
    Here's a potato.

  4. I'm still a Z3 user, rooted overclocked. Z3 was the best flagship and improvement Sony has made up to date. They need to make sure the Z6 or next X series really is a big improvement and follows some styling and philosphy from the Z3.

  5. So even if: Slow 30 second Reboot, cooler photos, poor night shots, slow photo processing, slow shutter, USB charging port inside a flimsy flap, reloading all multitasking apps, weak speakers, no Cat-6 LTE, single LED flash, noise when zoomed in, etc.?

  6. Cyanogen fucks up the camera, the sony bionz image processing for me is gone even if i flash stock sony back, coz i forgot to backup the TA partion while flashing

  7. Hey.. I love your video
    o have been owning Xperia Z3 for over an year and a half. And I Simply love it.
    It still performs top notch.
    I am not very satisfied with the front camera, but it has no doubt the best rare camera. With optimised settings, you could actually take professional camera like photographs.
    A few more pros about the device
    It has nylon fiber edges, which absorbs much of the pressure when dropped, so making it a really smartly built phone

    The Standby Battery life is phenomenal, I full charge it at night and in the morning I wake up with 100% or 99% battery ( not a case with any other Android phone, expect and iPhone)
    Music in Headphones is great.

  8. It's an awesome device, but only when it is not broken. Sony has had to change my phone twice since January last year and both because of water damage. The first time was from 20 to 40 centimeters underwater for about 20 minutes, after that the screen turned off. Everything was working fine, even the touchscreen, but it won't turn on. Four weeks ago it was the same, but it wasn't submerged, just washing it in the sink. This time the phone was three weeks in service, and apparently they were looking for user damage to invalid the guarantee, but of course they couldn't find anything. Now I just have 4 months left of guarantee, and I'm scare of losing the phone after that. So, everything is ok, but the waterproof certificate is completely false.

  9. Hi !Too much appreciated for this video I was searching such type of thing now a days and no one is making videos like that even some big channels on YouTube KEEP UP the good work,
    I am just considering to buy this phone now a days.
    My question is does it OVEREATS while using CAMERA as I read a lot about it that while using camera it over heats after 2-3 minute and camera shuts down it self , I am not talking about 4K ,the question is How much time it takes to force close camera due to heating while taking 20MP photos and 1080p videos.??
    How will you rate this phone compared to LG G4 w.r.t
    Thanks in anticipation :)

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