Online Hacking gets Easier with these Programming Languages

Online Hacking gets Easier with these Programming Languages

Online hacking is not simply clicks of a few buttons but involves a series of tasks using various programming languages. Recent tech gadgets, mobile applications and video games are all comprised of codes; therefore, once you’re familiar with these programming languages, online hacking gets simpler.

I expect none of you will exploit these ideas or skills in the future.


Online web hacking

If you want to learn about hackers that hack into the world wide web, they prefer to use HTML, JavaScript, and PHP programming languages.



This is the basic programming language available in every website we come across. By learning this, one can easily understand all the underlying basics of websites.



Using SQL, one can easily store highly crucial data of users starting from telephone records, banking information as well as information about visitors who view your site. Black hat hackers generally pinpoint the SQL database for selling all these personal information online for money.

Master SQL, to find out all the loopholes present in your website and don’t forget to take care of those for maximum security.

Crack Software:

One can easily crack a particular software by exploiting it either by using Ruby or Python.



This language is simple and quite complicated at the same time, in terms of object orientation. By learning this language, cracking software becomes extremely simple, especially through Metasploit tool.


This programming language is considered to be the only tool capable of creating as well as finding loopholes present online. All the best security experts and White Hat hackers recommend learning this language if you wish to be the best in this field.


Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering:

This activity involves reformulating a software’s binary code in order to trace it back for finding out its source code. C++ and Java are the languages you need to learn to master this activity, and this shall also enable you to determine all the bugs and loopholes existing in your website.

If you think I may have missed a few other important programming languages for hacking, feel free to post in the comments section.


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