Oneplus 3 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: No flagship killing here…

Let’s see who actually watches the video before commenting, and who just reads the title. Still, we should expect SOME separation when comparing a $650 phone against a $399 phone right? Here’s our showdown between the OnePlus 3 and the Samsung Galaxy S7! Never settle?

OnePlus 3 Review
OnePlus 3 Real Camera Review
Galaxy S7 Review
Galaxy S7 Real Camera Review


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28 Comments on Oneplus 3 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: No flagship killing here…

  1. This guy made the review quick easy and decisive, I can make a decision now, and that decision is to stay with my moto x pure edition lol. But seriously that was an excellent review, people need to watch and learn.

  2. though someone might know, I got a scratch on the camera lense right on top of the camera on my g5 and now it won't focus. Does anyone know how I may go about fixing this?

  3. And the OP3 had a higher benchmark on both single and multi-core plus you said yourself that the OP3 was less choppy, yet you called performance a tie. My spidey-powers are tingling, I sense, I sense, A GREAT DEAL OF BIAS!

  4. What I see on the video was a Q1-2 2016 smartphones killer you can't denied, maybe the Galaxy S7 take better photos for you BUT not everybody fall under that over processing and unnatural photos that the S7/E take, also the OP3 is faster by a mile even on marks, better auxiliary audio, better and stronger design (glass still a vulnerable material), FHD is more than sufficient for a display that small and if you don't believe me go look any 1080P 50" TV and try to complain, also the display being lees aggressive on resolution brings better performance and less battery consumption over a QHD display,  battery is adequate for the thickness, finger print has no equals and front facing camera is a excellent one even better than the one on the galaxy series and dash charge is a killer so I don't know why so much underrate to it. anyways I just sold my Note 5 order my OP3 was about to get a N6P or G5 but this one nailed for me.

  5. can someone help me? I want to buy a huawei p9, but the emui software skin is terrible IMO. I heard news that they were trying to fix this, I am I correct? Or do I have to root it and install stock Android? Please help.

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