OnePlus 3 vs LeEco Le Max 2 – Pros and Cons – Comparison

We compare the two most logical choices for the sub Rs. 30,000 price bracket. Coming up later : OnePlus 3 vs Mi5 stay tuned.
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22 Comments on OnePlus 3 vs LeEco Le Max 2 – Pros and Cons – Comparison

  1. I own the 32gb variant of lemax2.. fingerprint scanner is dead on most phones and on mine as well…The 21mp camera is good but you need to lower the settings for regular use else the camera goes non responding. I have been assured replacement..let's see

  2. wich one is better, Samdung ON8 sAMOLED (getting for 13400/), LEmax 2-32gb(getting for 16000/) OR 1+3 (getting for 26500/-)?? Also, wich one will give better & sharp display while watching full HD movies?..if ON8, i will go for it…being 1+3 out of my budget.

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