OnePlus 3 v Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – SPEED TEST

After reading your comments through our website and youtube channel, we’ve decided to put together a speed test. The 6GB of RAM OnePlus 3 against our favourite phone of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

0:45 With Boot Up – 3:36 With Boot Up

We’ve also listened to your comments about the speed test itself. For this video, along with our normal test we’ve run our speed test with the phones fully booted up! Let us know what you think of the new format!

Which of these two giants of power will win? OnePlus 3 or S7 Edge? We find out…

21 Comments on OnePlus 3 v Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – SPEED TEST

  1. home button is slower on s7 because you have the "double tap to turn on the caméra" feature… turn it off and it Will be instant. and btw, there is actually 0 interest on a boot time you should just deleate that part. and precise if s7 is exynos or snapdragon variant.

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