Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Keyboard Cover Case Review – Hands On

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Today we an in-depth look at the official keyboard cover case for the S7. This incredibly retro case allows you to type with a tactile QWERTY keyboard quickly and easily. To do so does take some practice but once mastered, this case can prove very effective for writing emails and text in a shorter time. While not for everyone it certainly is awesome and the fact that it doesn’t require a Bluetooth connection or a power supply makes this case a…

9 Comments on Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Keyboard Cover Case Review – Hands On

  1. I use a 3rd party custom home launcher – am I correct in understanding that if you put the keyboard on, Samsung switches you automatically over to their launcher (makes sense since only their launcher would know what to do with the keyboard on) and more importantly, when you remove the keyboard does it automatically return to your 3rd party launcher?

  2. can you use it to play games? That's what seems like the best function for it. To have buttons to play classic emulator game. Have you tried to play games on an SNES/NES/GBA emulator with it?

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