NVIDIA brings worlds fastest GPU aimed at VR industry professionals

NVIDIA brings worlds fastest GPU aimed at VR industry professionals

NVIDIA has unveiled its latest line of pro video cards aimed at the VR industry. The Pascal-based Quadro workstation cards, P5000 and P6000 both fill power, which makes your gaming-grade card seem adequate. NVIDIA claims that its P6000 is the fastest one to date, with more processing cores (3,840) than the Titan X (3,584). Also, it comes with a whopping 24GB of RAM, which is twice as much memory than the Titan X. With just 2,560 cores, the P5000 is much closer to the GTX 1080 in performance, but with 16GB of RAM it successfully beats the gaming card’s 8GB. These could be the most wanted boards for those who are working with vast amounts of 3D data.


Both the P5000 and P6000 are able to take advantage of a new VRWorks 360 Video developer kit, which helps you create virtual reality footage. Both the video cards are able to capture, stitch and live stream VR videos from up to 32 cameras in real time. Also, the company announced a suite of VR and Ray Tracing tools for developers.

The prices are still not fixed, but given that price for Titan X, which is $1,200 and it doesn’t even have as much video memory as either of these GPUs, you can easily understand that you may have to brace your wallet for impact. NVIDIA is releasing both the P5000 and P6000 in October.

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