Nexus 9 Tips and Tricks!

In his first video with the Android Authority team, Taylor Martin fires up his Nexus 9 to help you get the most out of yours.

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35 Comments on Nexus 9 Tips and Tricks!

  1. nice tips!! i want to plug the nexus 9 to a large screen projector for presentations and watching videos, are there ways how to do it without using chromecast?

  2. From Kuwait i salute You Taylor.. Welcome back to the Scene.. Missed your rich content and frankly the reason I like this video and watch it is you.. Im a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 user ?.. Keep up the Great high quality Review & informative Videos like this one Taylor.. AA thanks for getting back this Amazing Man ? welcome ? ? ? 

  3. Why should I hate you for sayn IOs got that too "search bar" I mean I would never buy another Phone than a Iphone but on the other side I would never buy an Ipad only Android tablets are the real shit!

  4. still like pocket now .. I don't understand this guy tho. he said this shit was old and boring. and now he's back here? wtf. lucky he's friends with Josh. 

  5. The reason smart lock sucks: You can't set trusted wifi networks.
    I get it, Google wants you to use their location junk, but it's not reliable and PRIVACY damnit!

  6. I am happy for you Taylor, I am sure this will help your mod channel on the more expensive builds while being free to live with the gf. I hope that this will lead to more Pocketnow and Android Authority collaborations.  I hope that the larger team helps prevent any one on the team from burning out ^_^

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